We offer cervical and lumbar decompression. This 10-25 minute therapy will decompress the nerve root that may be trapped or pinched between the vertebrae.

Spinal decompression is basically spinal traction to treat “pinched nerves” or “spinal stenosis.” The traction gently pulls on the spinal segments to give the nerve that exits the spinal cord more room and, thus, reduce or eliminate the pinching. The spinal traction in my office is sometimes covered by insurance.

Lumbar Decompression

Zero-Gravity Decompression Table

Before signing up for hundreds or thousands of dollars for a series of “decompression” treatments somewhere else, contact our office for a free consultation to see if our equipment will get the same results (or better) for a fraction of the cost. Also, insurance may pay for treatment at our office when it is not coverered at others’. I find that lasting results often take much less than the 10 or 20 visits other offices recommend.

Contact Us to see if our spinal decompression could benefit you.

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